During the last 20 years Central America have seen a dramatic increase of chronic kidney disease, unexplained by conventional risk factors, which primarily affects male labourers in the agricultural sector. Similar increases are also reported from Sri Lanka and India.

In search of understanding this enigmatic disease and identify etiology and preventive measures  the First International  transdisciplinary Research Workshop on the Mesoamerican Nephropathy (MeN) was held in Costa Rica, November 2012, organized by Programa Salud y Trabajo en América Central (SALTRA). The Second International Workshop on MeN  was held Nov 18-20, 2015, San José, Costa Rica.

A scientific consortium, CENCAM, was initiated at the 2012 workshop, with the mission to contribute to knowledge generation, and to promote and facilitate activities to reduce the occurrence of Chronic Kidney Disease of unconventional (and hitherto unknown) origin in Central America and Mexico. CENCAM has now ( May 2016) 102 members from 21 countries.

Technical reports from the two MeN Workshops, including state-of-the-art summaries, are available on this site. An extensive publication list of relevant scientific publications, and of media coverage about MeN is also published.