CENCAM consortium, board and statements

During the 2012 workshop it was decided to create a Consortium for future communication, collaboration and actions. This consortium is called

CENCAM – Consortium for the Epidemic of Nephropathy in Central America and Mexico / Consorcio de la Epidemia de la Nefropatía en Centroamérica y México

Mission Statement: The mission of the Consortium is to contribute to knowledge generation and to promote and facilitate activities and policies to reduce CKDu occurrence in Central America and Mexico.

Primary Objectives:

  • To increase international collaboration for the exploration and research of CKDu
  • To contribute to a reduction in the overall prevalence and impact of CKDu
  • To raise awareness and action about CKDu in Central America and Mexico

Organizational Activities:

  • Compile and disseminate research
  • Facilitate a collaborative approach to research
  • Provide a forum for communicating results
  • Inform other initiatives
  • Promote global collaboration
  • Promote conferences, workshops and exchanges

CENCAM at a glance    Organizational overview, membership

Board members elected  2019   (co-chairs in bold):

Shuchi Anand  (US), Dan Brooks (US), Ricardo Correa-Rotter (Mexico), Jennifer Crowe (Costa Rica, Secretary; on behalf of  SALTRA), Marvin González Quiroz (Nicaragua), Carl-Gustaf Elinder (Sweden), Sandra Peraza (El Salvador), Vicente Sánchez-Polo (Guatemala), Vidhya Venugopal (India)

Board members elected June 2016 (co-chairs in bold)

Ricardo Correa-Rotter (Mexico), Kristina Jakobsson (Sweden). Secretary on behalf of SALTRA: Jennifer Crowe (Costa Rica).  Members:  Joaquín Barnoya (Guatemala), Dan Brooks (USA), Ramón García Trabanino (El Salvador), Marvin González Quiros (Nicaragua), Carolina Guzmán Quilo (Guatemala), Magdalena Madero Róvalo (Mexico)

Board members elected 2013

Chair: Ineke Wesseling (Costa Rica), Secretary on behalf of SALTRA: Jennifer Crowe (Costa Rica).  Members: Ricardo Correa-Rotter (Mexico), Aurora Aragón (Nicaragua), Ricardo Leiva  (El Salvador), Dan Brooks (USA), Kristina Jakobsson (Sweden)

See also http://www.saltra.una.ac.cr/index.php/zoo/otros-proyectos/consorcio-de-investigacion-en-erc